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Autumn tints of a cherry tree;
Sakai, Osaka (3 Nov 2009)
EMID: Electron-Material Interaction Database
By calculations on the client-side computer, EMID provides the users with plots and numerical data of depth-dose curves, number-transmission curves and much more for plane-parallel electron beams of energies mainly from 0.1 to 20 MeV in various materials. (A joint product of IDEA and the Radiation Dynamics Group at Kharkov National University, Ukraine.)
Read a summary in IRPS Bulletin
Go to EMID

Electron Depth-Dose Code EDMULT
EDMULT version 6.4, developed at IDEA in collaboration with Shanghai and Indiana Universities, is available from Radiation Shielding Information Computational Center (RSICC), Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Version 6.4 evaluates depth-dose distributions produced by plane-parallel electron beams normally incident on one- to six-layer slab absorbers. The algorithm of the code is based on an analytic expression of the depth-dose curve in semi-infinite medium and a simple model of electron penetration through a multilayer absorber.
Abstract of the code package
Code package description
Order the package at RSICC
(Also available from NEA Data Bank)
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This is truly one of the most absorbing websites ever created. The range of topics is phenomenal, from the inner realms of physics to the outer spaces of Switzerland; which is more breathtaking is impossible to gauge.
   -- Felicia Weiner, USA
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