“What Do I Care What Mr. Feynman Thinks?”
Collection of Essays on Richard Feynman
by Tatsuo Tabata
Copyright © 1999-2013 by Tatsuo Tabata


Note: Now essays in the series "What Little I Can Talk about Feynman" and "We See Feynman Everywhere" are contained in Tabata's book "Passage through Spacetime," the PDF version of which can be downloaded here free of charge.
What Little I Can Talk about Feynman
  1. A Strange Photo
  2. Feynman and "The Ambidextrous Universe"
  3. Three Similar Men
  4. A Documentary by Sykes
  5. A Phone Call
  6. Shadow Pictures or Transfer Pictures?
  7. Kyoto Symposium
  8. "Surely You're Joking, Prof. M!"
  9. "What Do You Care . . .?"
  10. A Mysterious Letter
  11. Epilogue
We See Feynman Everywhere
  1. The Origin of "Tuva or Bust"
  2. Feynman and Nanotechnology
  3. Feynman's Tall Order
  4. Scientists' Required Reading
  5. "Cargo Cult Science"
  6. Feynman and "The Golem"
  7. Feynman and "The End of Science"
"Femto-Essays" Related to Feynman An Essay Related to Feynman in "Surely I'm Joking!" Reviews of Books on Feynman

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